Final Assignment: Updated Site
Based on several web-based portfolio discussions in class, you will be required to build/update/acquire services for your website/host of choice and give a presentation of your work via the site.
FDN 1312 01 - DUE MAY7
FDN 1312 02 - DUE MAY8

IN CLASS ASSIGNMENTS: Generative Art - Computers, Data and Humanity

Animated Text + Part II
Options: Select a passage of import to you from one of the two short stories; or from text you wrote; or from text you have read and feel is important to you.

Necessities: Collect material (still images, movie files, animated objects and characters, sound, music, narration, vectors, etc.) you feel will compliment the both literal translation and/ or conceptual depth of the piece.

Be ready to roll next class (e.g. material collected, sized - text selected - gain some level of familiarity with the program)

Animated Text + Part I
Lev Manovich After Effects, or Velvet Revolution in Modern Culture. Part 1
Tobias Wolf, "Bullet in the Brain"
Donald Barthelme, "The School"

HMWK over break
Read and select a passage of import to you from one of the two short stories (minimum of 50 words) for an in-class animated text extravaganza.

Collect material (still images, movie files, animated objects and characters, sound, music, narration, etc. etc.) you feel will compliment the both literal translation and/ or conceptual depth of the piece.

Part 1
1.    Go to

2.    Pick one of the assignments.

3.    Shoot a documentary yourself about carrying out the assignment. Things to think about:
a.    What are the key moments that you need to document to allow your audience to share your experience?
b.    How explicit do you need to be? How much should be left to the imagination?

4.    Tech parameters:
        1-Your final mini-documentary video should be between 2 and 5 minutes (maximum!) long.
        2- must use at least 10 different clips in your edit
        3- Video can be captured in any format (HD video, camera phone, etc), just be prepared to talk about how your choice of video capture             technology supports your concept, and be sure you're editing in the right setting for the size of your image. You are also free to consider             alternative forms such as stop motion.
        4- If you chose to create a sound component, please carefully consider your sound choices. Minimalism may be the most effective strategy.         Avoid pop (broadly defined!) music.
        5- Must have at least one "time shift" (variable speed, slowed down, sped up) segment, one Opacity shift, and one adjustable effect.

5.    Post your video to or to and embed the final video in your blog. Make Sure it is properly compressed. Don’t attempt to upload a very large file (1 GB is way too big!).

Part 2:
1.    Read Dieter Ram’s Ten Principles for Good Design
2.    Exchange “design” your working medium with (e.g. “Good photography should be innovative”).
3.    Do you are agree? Please write a ~250 word response stating why or why not. Post your
response on your blog.
FDN 1312 01 - DUE MAR12
FDN 1312 02 - DUE MAR13
FDN 1312 01 - DUE MAR19
FDN 1312 02 - DUE MAR20

Assignment 2: LONG TAKE

For the next project you will be breaking into groups and construct a long shot video that works to define and illustrate a specific word you receive in class.
- Projects must be a minimum of 3 minutes in length.
- At no point can the actual word you are given be said, written, etc.
- Projects must have at least three 30 second (minimum) long shots. All else is open season.
- Completed videos need to be finished and posted on one of the group members blog by 3/5
Next class is a work day.
FDN 1312 01 - DUE MAR5
FDN 1312 02 - DUE MAR6
Assignment 1

Part III.
FDN 1312 02 - DUE FEB14
FDN 1312 01 - DUE FEB21

Part 3
– Learn Dreamweaver basics including Behaviors, Rollovers, etc.
- recreate your physical book in the form of a controlled, non-narrative image and text based website.

Part II.
FDN 1312 02 - DUE JAN31
FDN 1312 01 - DUE FEB6

Choose at least 10 images and statements from your current 15 and construct a controlled, non-linear image + text experience in the form of a book (ex. accordion-style, or better). All images and text must be altered from what you have now - something added, subtracted, scratched out, taped on, burnt, glazed, digitally manipulated - in some way. All binding, etc need be by done your own hand. All else is up to you.

Part I.
FDN 1312 02 - DUE JAN24
FDN 1312 01 - DUE JAN30  
After choosing from 1 of the texts presented in the first-day lecture, students will generate a series of digital images and statements as a reaction to the information received (15 of each minimum). Your photographic images will then be used to construct a controlled, non-narrative image experience, over time. Projects will happen in both the physical and virtual environments.


Explore media applications as a means of creating non-linear narratives.

Part 1

1. Generate 15 statement based on the WEIBEL essay, or, and by interacting with your camera and the world.

2. Come prepared to talk about one of these three artists, particularly focusing on their use of narrative / non-linear narrative:

Nam Jun Paik

Vanessa Beecroft

Simen Johan

Choose one piece of work from one of the artists above and post a link / image / to your process blog. Write a brief (~250 word) response detailing what drew you to the piece and how you feel that it exemplifies linear and/or non-linear narrative forms.

3 - create 15 images and 15 statements for next week

4 - Post images and statements Student Blogs.